Ooh La Yum Scents is a boutique candle company based in Maryland. We launched our brand in 2022 because of a deep passion for creating beautiful scents that transport people to happy memories and calm moments. There's something about lighting a candle that can instantly transform a space, making it cozy and inviting. We focus on producing products that are both good for the environment and can uplift the mind, body, and soul. We strive to ensure our materials come from suppliers who ensure homegoods come from responsible, eco-friendly sources.


At Ooh La Yum Scents, we design and produce sustainable and eco-friendly scents that delight the senses without harming the environment.


Kia is a native Washingtonian who is inspired by creative expression and health and wellness. She is an art enthusiasts and creative. In her downtown...well there is no downtown, this is a boy mom! She enjoys traveling, visiting local museums and spending quality time with family and friends.